Can I have a great event on a small budget?

Yes! The keys to making the most of any event are to prioritize, be creative, and use available resources. We bring world-class innovation and designs to your events, and we skillfully strike the right balance to create an ideal event with style, color, and energy from start to finish.


When should I find a wedding planner?

You should hire a wedding planner during the initial planning phase. As your wedding planner, we can help you with venue and vendor selections, but most of all, we can help save you both time and money by recommending everything you need to make your dream day a reality.


How far ahead should I start planning for my special event?

Preferably at least one year before the event’s date, especially if you are interested in using a popular venue.


When should the venue for my special event be booked?

Typically, you should start booking venues for special events at least one year out.


Should I serve food? Buffet or table service?

Serving food depends on the type of event you’re having. If you are going for a more upscale or elegant feel, you should go for the sit-down or table services. The buffet options are generally selected for a more relaxed atmosphere. The sit-down or table service is more traditional.


How much does an average wedding cost?

An estimate of the average wedding cost is $27K but can also be a fraction of the investment if well planned. Establishing a clear vision for your big day will play a vital role in keeping the costs for your wedding on a budget.


I want to schedule a consultation with Moments That Matter. Is there a phone number I can call?

Yes! Please contact us at (302) 838-6125 today to get started.