About Us

This all started from one botched wedding party and a tired, slightly disappointed bride called Claudine. The wedding was supposed to be the perfect day for her, one that was truly about her alone. She wanted everything to go just right, so she ran about planning, organizing, talking to caterers and decorators and makeup, all while trying to shop for a dress and ring and write her vows. She was the event planner, wedding planning consultant, and bride. All at the same time.

The day came, and Claudine didn’t realize she had somehow not booked the band for music. Someone had to become an instant DJ, and though the wedding managed to happen without too many hassles, Claudine was exhausted. She had run herself into the ground, and yet she had almost ruined her wedding. It would no longer be the perfect day. Any time she thought of her wedding, she would forever remember the panic when she realized there was no band.

We know that you want any event you host to be flawless. You have a grand picture in your head. Flowers there, chairs here, a chandelier here. We also know that you would do as much as you can to bring this picture to life.

But it can be difficult sometimes, running around and trying to make sure everything goes well. It’s exhausting, and you can make mistakes. That’s why we’re here.

Moments that Matter (MTM) are many things in one. An event planner, an event coordinator, a design company, you name it. We’re highly sought after for our dynamic event management services and production classics. We have been doing this for a long time, and so we have accumulated many years of experience servicing clients of diverse classes for any sort of event – big or small, low-key or elaborate, simple or luxurious.

Amazing events are indeed more than just any kind of great design. This is why we integrate designs with entertainment, cocktails, dining, music, the whole deal… all with a singular goal: To strike a fantastic balance in everything.

Our event management reputation has spread far and wide, having made some fantastic events for everyone throughout the U.S. and across continents, providing show-stopping and custom-made events that mirrors the personality of our client, whether a happy bride, a graduation student, a company gala, a grand ball, or a charity dinner and beyond.

We want to make your moments matter with a swish of our wand. Summon us today.


Profile Picture 1Our CEO – Sonya W. Floyd

Creating the WOW factor! Sonya receives GREAT joy in watching the reactions of her clients when they see their ideal event brought to life.

Sonya is an IT Specialist with over 20+ years of experience turned professional event coordinator. Sonya discovered her love of event planning & décor in 2001 when she successfully planned and coordinated her first family reunion. Since then she has continued to function on the advisory board for the Frazier Family Reunion Committees.

Since that time Sonya has continued to pursue her passion of event planning by playing an instrumental  role in assisting in the planning of events for the Alpha Worship Center, Bear, DE. In 2003 she worked as an intern for Perfect Wedding, located in Berwyn, PA, where she gain experience in assisting with the coordination of weddings, working closely with the Bride and bridal party under the supervision and direction of Sheryl A. Garman.

In 2005, Sonya was blessed with the opportunity to serve the Alpha Worship Center in the capacity of Church Events Coordinator, a position that she is truly dedicated too and continues to hold until the present. After undergoing a corporate merge of the financial institution where Sonya was employed, Sonya was led to pursue her dream of becoming a Professional Event Coordinator, in 2007 she pursued and completed the Wedding Certification program from the Ashworth University and  formed and established Moments That Matter, Event Planning, LLC. In 2013 she was a founding member of the Alpha Worship Center Banquet Hall and Facility Rental, where she currently manages and operates the facility rental of the AWC.

Sonya currently resides in Delaware, where she’s usually following the next up and coming Event Trends. When Sonya is not busy planning a lavishly, over the top event, she enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones, contributing to her church, or encouraging others in their businesses. She is a definite believer in following your passion and pursuing your dreams.