Welcome to Moments that Matter!

Moments that Matter (MTM) is a full-service event planning and design company that is highly sought after for its dynamic event management services and production capabilities. We are the fairy godmothers for your events, and we bring your imaginations to life.

We have years of experience servicing clients from different aspects of life with our ultrahigh level of design service and our thorough attention to detail. We cover just any sort of event – big or small, low-key or elaborate, simple or luxurious.

So whether you want a grand, ballroom-style event or a simple, intimate soiree among close friends, we will help create and design events that flow seamlessly yet up to par. We’re not just event planners or event coordinators; we make sure the events are memorable.

Let us make your daydream of a perfect event a reality. Thank you in advance for allowing MTM to be a part of your next great event!

Sonya W. Floyd, CEO